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We need to reconnect people by creating a new life balance. Building shared places, planning personal and social experiences, turning our private space into a social space - that’s what makes us feel part of a meaningful relationship with ourselves, with others and with the environment we inhabit. MilanoSesto is redefining the future of the former Falck areas in Sesto San Giovanni. Reconnecting people to regenerate communities.

MilanoSesto:an ever-evolving city

MilanoSesto is one of the most ambitious urban regeneration projects in Europe. This Greater Milan territory with an ancient industrial vocation will find new life in advanced models of social inclusion and environmental sustainability, becoming a new urban destination to live, work, study and build the future together.
The masterplan designed by Foster + Partners, one of the most prestigious architecture and design studios in the world, foresees a progressive development over the next years with greenery, residential areas, new squares, retail and executive spaces and above all, places made to connect people.

Foster + Partners

Come and discover the future of the former Falck Area
To celebrate the legacy of a territory that has always strived to build a bright future, we are defining a new way of living ,with integrated services designed to improve the lives of Sesto San Giovanni's citizens and of all those who wish to live their city in a natural, authentic way in the name of a strong social cohesion across the whole community.

A bridgeto the future.Works are underway for the construction of the new Sesto San Giovanni station, a project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners that will connect the historic part of the city to the MilanoSesto area. A union made possible by the large pedestrian walkway with photovoltaic roof over the railway. Join us in following the construction of this new landmark destined to renovate the city’s skyline.

A bridge
to the future.
Works are underway for the construction of the new Sesto San Giovanni station, a project by Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners that will connect the historic part of the city to the MilanoSesto area. A union made possible by the large pedestrian walkway with photovoltaic roof over the railway. Join us in following the construction of this new landmark destined to renovate the city’s skyline.

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Efficient, sustainable, innovative - the city becomes smart

MilanoSesto is an opportunity to establish a new ethical development model that puts people first, embracing their needs and aspirations in tune with the wellbeing of future generations.
Conceived to fulfil the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, the whole area will host a long-term development project that thanks to a clever use of technology will help MilanoSesto meet the highest international standards for sustainability, energetic efficiency and quality of life. A real commitment to the environment and to all the people who are going to live, study and work here.

Efficient, sustainable, innovative - the city becomes smart
Foster + Partners

MilanoSesto in numbers

The project covers more than 1.5 million square metres, and once the work is completed, it will host over 50,000 people between residents and city users. The MilanoSesto building site is already active, and construction will start in 2021.

1.50 million mq

50,000 people

2021start of the work

The new Sesto San Giovanni station

The requalification involving the train station has been developed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop with Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners.
The bridge-like building unfolds as a suspended walkway over the existing rails, and will join two areas previously separated by the railway. The modern structure with glass and iron photovoltaic roofing, which will host services and commercial activities above the rails, will become the access door to the area and also a privileged point of view on the whole MilanoSesto project.

RPBW-ODB & Partners

The City of Health and Research

The MilanoSesto perimeter will include the City of Health and Research, a crucial public hub for clinical and scientific excellence formed by new branches of the Besta Neurological Institute and the Tumor Institute.
The project by Mario Cucinella Architects comes from an innovative approach to the people's wellbeing, with human-scale buildings immersed in greenery, as well as structures for advanced research and services dedicated to reception areas for visitors and researchers from all over the world.

The City of Health and Research
MCA Città della Salute_Render by MIR

The intervention area

MilanoSesto is in the north-east quadrant of Milan's metropolitan area, along one of the historic development axes of the city, coinciding with the commercial and industrial routes that have always connected Lombardy to the rest of Europe. Further proof of the area's international calling is the dense network of infrastructures and services dedicated to mobility that allow people to reach the centre of Milan, the main stations and the airports of Linate, Malpensa and Orio al Serio in a matter of minutes.

  • Area Map
  • MilanoSesto
Area Map Zoom in
  • MilanoSesto
  • Duomo 18 minutes by metro
  • Garibaldi FS 13 minutes by train
  • Centrale FS 20 minutes by metro
  • Lambrate FS 11 minutes by train
  • Bicocca University 5 minutes by train
  • Sesto 1º Maggio FS 1 minute by foot
  • Parco Nord 1.8 km / 20 minutes by foot
  • Parco Media Valle del Lambro 2 km / 10 minuti by bike
  • Monza FS 5 km / 5 minutes by train
  • Linate Airport 14 km / 14 minutes by car
MilanoSesto Zoom in
  • Sesto San Giovanni railway station
  • City of Health and Research

The beating heart of a new community

The housing is designed to welcome a new idea of living, where it's the home that adapts to the people.
The project will merge public greenery, squares, innovative retail concepts and executive spaces, in addition to a diverse range of living solutions made to fulfil the needs of citizens of different ages and aspirations. An open, inclusive community is born - one deeply rooted in meeting, sharing spaces and exchanging resources with other generations.

Foster + Partners

More space for everyone's needs

The majority of homes will be available to rent with affordable rents, leaving the tenants always free to weigh new solutions in line with their evolving needs.

  • Student Housing
  • Multifamily
  • Senior Living
Student Housing

Lively, dynamic spaces just like a campus, dedicated to students and professionals who revolve around the academic world. The residential opportunities will include services that encourage dialogue, collaboration and personal growth.

  • Study spaces
  • Recreational areas
  • Fitness areas
  • Lobbies

Solutions for families, couples and young professionals. Beyond leisure areas and green spaces to help children grow, the project provides for services that care for the wellbeing of parents. All within easy reach.

  • Co-working spaces
  • Baby sitting
  • Leisure rooms
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Fitness areas
Senior Living

Solutions designed for seniors to start a new chapter of life together keeping safety, autonomy and comfort always in mind. The related services promote socialisation and an active lifestyle.

  • Wellness area
  • Leisure room
  • Multi-purpose halls
  • Diner
  • Health studio

Home, green home

The recovery of such a large industrial area is an unmissable opportunity to requalify the environment in the whole area. The green space design is assigned to international landscape architecture studio LAND and provides for the construction of one of the biggest parks in the Milan metropolitan area, connected to Parco Nord and Parco Media Valle del Lambro by cycle trails and footpaths. A green isle where redeveloped industrial archaeologies merge harmoniously to offer residents, city users and visitors a flexible space to host events, open air sports and strolls in a natural landscape.

hectares of greenery across the whole area
km of cycling and walking paths
new trees planted

Connections and mobility

It will be a new place to live and explore - moving around will be enjoyable and going back will always be easy. Besides being near the train and underground station of Sesto San Giovanni, the MilanoSesto area is just minutes away from the main outer roads of Milan, letting people reach the city centre, motorways and the rest of Lombardy.
Internal transport will be assisted by zero-impact smart solutions, in line with the future trends of sustainable mobility that combine bicycles and next-generation electric vehicles.

Connections and mobility

The players

  • Milanosesto
    The company that owns the areas and serves as both implementing body and contracting authority. MilanoSesto works in partnership with solid companies known for their experience, trust and transparency towards every stakeholder.
  • hines
    Global investment company founded in 1957 and active in real estate across 240 cities in 27 countries with 160,9 billion dollars in assets under management. Hines Italy serves as strategic advisor and development manager of the project.
  • Prelios
    A leader in alternative asset management, in specialised real estate services and distressed credit management, it counts over 40 billion euros in assets under management and more than 10 million square metres under management. The Prelios Group curates the initiative's project management.

Take part in the next tenders

The contracts for labour, services and supplies relative to public works for the developments of Milanosesto S.p.A, will be assigned in recourse to the procedures regulated by the D. Lgs. 50/2016 as amended and supplemented, to ensure maximum transparency and equal treatment to the participating enterprises. The procedures are carried out in compliance with valid regulations and the Code of Conduct, previously ex D. Lgs. 231/2001 by Milanosesto S.p.A..

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